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Daughters Fireside


Starting in February of 2014, Amber and Anna will be available to screen Women of Faith for you and your group. They hope to share both the film, and the lessons they learned about womanhood and the Gospel while creating the film. They’re calling this experience the Daughters fireside. To schedule a Daughters fireside send us an email at


Continue the Conversation


We invite you to use this film and these stories as a starting place in exploring what it means to be a woman of faith in your own life. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


   •  Watch the film with a group and use these questions to facilitate a discussion.


       Questions Martha Inspired Us To Ask


       Questions Elaine Inspired Us To Ask


       Questions Mary Inspired Us To Ask


       Questions Minerva Inspired Us To Ask


       Questions Irene Inspired Us To Ask


       Questions about Eve


   •  Share your own story of being a woman of faith. Write in your journal, use social
       media, talk to a friend.


   •  Study women in your family history. Learn and share their stories.


   •  Study a woman of faith and creatively share your experience and what you learn:
       write, paint, film, sculpt, dance, perform, etc.


We would love to hear about the experiences you have while exploring what it means to be a woman of faith. Please share with us at


Links to Look at


LDS Church: Women in the Church

Daughters in My Kingdom

Empowering LDS Women

Women in the Scriptures

The Mormon Women Project

Beauty Redefined

Childless Mormon Support




We invite you to respond to the following questions and share your insights and experiences in the comment box below.


What does being a woman of faith mean to you?
Tell us about your experience watching the film.

Tell us a story about a woman of faith hero in your life.

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